Thursday, January 29, 2009

Working on the website.

It is crazy how much work goes into all the background of starting and managing a website and online handmade jewelry business. Thanks to my wonderful husband I am well on my way to a new and improved website. I am currently working on taking and updating new pictures. Every image on the site has to be created and as much fun as I have making them it is the struggle to come up with the ideas and make them all look like they belong. This is the new banner I have been working on:
What do you think?

I am really excited this new website will have Google Checkout and allow me to sell my jewelry right from my own website instead of sending you to a second website to buy my jewelry.

I have only had a chance to work on a few pieces lately with all the work on the website going on.
Here is the latest:It doesn't have a name yet but looks like Spring to me with a sterling silver flower in the middle of 3mm Swarovski crystals. It really sparkles and shines in the sun with all the silver and crystals. I hope to find more time to work on the jewelry when everything is up and running.

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